THG-Australian Ministers Edu Israel Mission Feb 2007 - Tour Guide
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Jeff Abel, who calls Jerusalem home, has been married 37 years to Evelyn, with whom he fathered Shani, Nomi and David; he is now expecting his first grandson. He has been guiding tours of Israel for more than 25 years and knows the geography and the ancient, modern and religious history of this part of the world inside out - but more importantly, he is sensitive to his tourists' needs.

He has read widely, with formal studies in economics and phychology at the University of Natal and history at the Hebrew University, where he also pursued graduate studies. Occasionally Jeff edits academic publications and writes articles on travel, religious, and current affairs.

But above all, Jeff is an experienced tour guide, who over the years has guided many families, celebrities, groups and individuals. You can see for yourselves what they have to say about Jeff here.

Jeff Abel

Hahayil 62

Jerusalem 97891


Tel +972-2-5810577 972-54-4383019

Fax +972-2-5814104