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Holy Land Educational 20-27 Feb. 2007
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Have you ever thought of leading a Pilgrimage?

The concept of a Pilgrimage has been at the centre of Christian values since close to the beginning of time. A pilgrimage awards the rare opportunity to walk in the shadows of greatness and follow in the footsteps of Jesus, his Disciples, the Patriarchs, Judges & Prophets and use the Bible as your Guidebook.

A Pilgrimage will bring the Bible to life and allow your Parishioners to engage in more meaningful prayer, worship and understanding of the scriptures. No amount of biblical research, reading and scholarship can give as true a feeling, as a first hand visit. A pilgrimage offers the Minister with a rewarding experience to teach, preach and learn whilst leading your very own tailor-made and uniquely designed Pilgrimage alongside some of the best tour guides in the world.

A pilgrimage offers the unique opportunity to enjoy fellowship, strengthen relations and form friendships between you and your Parishioners when travelling together in a group. It is a rich experience that will be treasured and revered in the memories of all those involved.

Pilgrimage is also a cost effective way to travel by taking advantage of reduced group airfares, hotel rates and allowing the Minister to enjoy complimentary group leader tickets subject to group numbers.

Sincerely - Steve Green Group Leader